So past couple of days my computer started locking up.. again. last time it was due to a fan not working properly and overheating. This time all fans are working.. but not sure if it is overheat or what..

CoreTemp64 has all my cores under 45 degrees with under heavy load 47 degrees one core might get it

When i run speedfan i get a few more sensor readings..

everything under 45 with the exception of

gpus - 2 nvidia 9800 gtx+ cards that are running at about 62 degrees celsius under moderate load

and something called "LM75 Chip" nForce2 SMBus which is also at about 62 degrees. is that the chipset? i have a 780i nvidia chipset on an asus p5n-t deluxe board.

Those temps sound like they are high? could be causing screen freeze? (looks like a screenshot when it freezes)

i have 5 case fans, a small asus fan and a large v1 thermaltake fan with heatsinks inside that are all cooling
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  1. I think the temps look fine.

    What psu are you using with that setup, seems like a good quality 500w+ is in order.
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