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I just opened up my case to confirm some assumptions based on the spec sheet that Delta Provided. My PSU has two 6 pins connected into my gtx 260, the third 6 pin is sitting idle, and there is another 6 pin that has a 2 pin kind of next to it.

I do not know what the 2 pin is, and the spec sheet doesnt mention it, could it be that fourth 6 pin PCI express connector is in fact a 6+2 pci express, and thus means I can plug that into the 580, and not need an adapter at all, and thus not have a problem at all?

And can the 580 run on a 6 pin and a 6+2 pin Connector?

Those two extra wires are black, and from what I understand, they are grounding wires?

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Hi there,

So I am getting a PNY nVidia GTX 580, I went and placed the order, paid for it, yada yada yada, only to realize that my power supply has quad 6 pin PCI- Express connectors, and not an open 8 Pin Connector like the GTX 580 Would need. (It needs a 6 pin and a 8 pin)

I failed to do my homework, and just assumed it would require two 6 pin connectors like my current gtx 260.

Is there anyway around this besides buying a whole new power supply?
This is the power supply in detail

I saw that these existed, adapters, but I do not know if it is reliable, safe, or even works.



If anyone could point me in the right direction? If anyone of those solutions are viable. If that 8 pin connector, the one that pulls from the 4 pin IDE, and the 4 Pin CPU, is a safer choice then just taking a 6 and making it a 8...

any help would be much appreciated...kind of freaking out over here.

Thanks again for the help

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  1. the 6pin to 8pin would be better. heres the thing: an 8pin simply has two more grounds, it cant actually make more current. as long as the psu youre using has thick enough wiring for its 6pin plug (it should, delta is good), youll be fine!
  2. Edited the original Post, and thanks Shovenose, just a question, how do I know if the wiring is thick enough?
  3. hey LSD, What if the power supply has a 6+2 PCI-e Cable naturally, no adapter or anything, can I just use that as my 8 pin with out any negative side effects?
  4. SWEET ASS!!!

    Thats the best news I heard all day. So essentially I can use that 6+2, as my 8 pin, and then any of the free 6 pins Ill have after taking out the gtx 260, to run the gtx 580?

    Is there anything else I should be aware of when changing as well?

    Such as specific things with the motherboard or anything?

    Thanks again!
  5. he has a 750w delta psu. so it wont be any trouble for him.
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  7. Well Thank you guys! Can not wait till this comes in the mail then, for an or so, I was freaking out, especially since the spec sheet didnt mention a 6+2, and I had to go physically look for it!
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