Need some help choosing between these two Specs

Fujitsu CELSIUS Ultra - SLI Gamer! VS Alienware Aurora ALX

Since i know nothing of hardware really ill suplply you with link to each of the computers spec,692778/Fujitsu-Celsius-Ultra-Worlds-fastest-gaming-PC-on-air-cooling/News/

I read that the Alienware got average of 35 FPS on very high on crysis,
and that the CELSIUS ultra had 45 FPS.

So wich is the best of these candiates really i do wanna note the alienware one cost abit more.
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  1. I wouldnt take either of those, they both have the 975 extreme which makes them cost wayyy more than they should especially since the 950 has recently dropped in price. 2 GTX 295s vs 2 5870s, i would expect the 5870s to do a bit better in most scenarios since the second GTX 295 isnt going to scale too well as its now Quad SLI.
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