4850 1gb ($107) or 250gts 512mb ($80)

I have a $100 budget for a gpu. Yesterday I bought a Gigabyte HD 4850 on newegg for $107 but today I am seeing an XFX 250gts for only $80.

I know the performance of these cards are nearly identical so I think I might cancel my order and switch to the 250 gts. But I wanted an opinion first. What do you guys think?

Side note: the 4850 is 1gb where the 250 is only 512mb. I do game at 1920x1080 but for $27 is it that much of a difference?

Here's the cards.
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  1. The 4850 and 250gts are the performance point at which 1gb v 512mb of vram will start making a difference. For 1920x1080, the 1gb card will probably give you a bit more performance.

    I gamed fine with a single 4870 512mb card for a long time, but when the AA/AF/textures were cranked up, I started falling behind the benchmarks of the 1gb cards quite noticeably. I can't recommend any 512mb card for that resolution.
  2. A GTS 250 1GB usually runs neck and neck and in some games bests a 4850 1GB card. However, at your resolution a 512MB GTX250 may have much lower performance. I couldn't really find a good comparison for this in charts.

    Honestly I am not sure which I would go with. Probably just keep your order and OC it a bit.
  3. Any idea how much fps I would lose dropping from 1gb to 512mb in games like Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Oblivion, Just Cause 2, at that res?
    The 250 is 25% cheaper, would it give 25% less performance at 1080p? I doubt it.
    Also the whole thing might be a little bottlenecked by my 2.4ghz E2220 dual core anyway. With that cpu would either 512mb or 1gb make a diff?
  4. At least the 250 is only $27 cheaper because of a $30 MIR. Rebates hardly ever make me feel like I saved money anyway, so I think I'll stick with what I ordered.
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