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So, I'm in the middle of building a pc and I'm a bit stumped with power supply.

It says to connect 24 pin cable to motherboard. So, does it matter which way I connect it?

Also, on the other end of that cable are 5 and 9 pin connectors. Do I connect them to PSU?

PSU is Corsair 750W AX and motherboard is X58A-UD3R.
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  1. There is only one way in which you can connect these connectors. That is the right way.

    You would see a small latch on one side of the 24 pin connector, which fits into a small hook like thingy on the 24 pin socket of the motherboard. You just align that and you should be ok.

    AFAIK, there are no odd numbered pin connectors in a PSU, do you mean 4 pin and 8 pin connectors?
  2. Ah, sorry, on the other end of that 24 pin cable are 10 pin and 18 pin cables.
  3. 18 pin?? Hmmm... I think it would be the 20 pin connector that you are talking about. They are from the older ATX12V v1.3 connectors. Since ATX v2.0 all motherboards have 24 pin power connectors.
  4. The 10 and 18 pins connectors should be plugged into the power supply and each pin has a special socket shape and you can't plug them in a wrong way even if you try to!
  5. Yup, did just that. One was above the other, so they fit nicely.

    Also, I used 4+4 to connect that motherboard 12 V 8 pin slot, will that be ok?
  6. It should. But there should be a one piece 8 pin connector shouldn't it? Check your PSU connectors.
  7. I did try that one, but it was a hard with becuse or hole shapes, and it's really hard to reach (thanks noctua). So I managed to put that one.

    I did manage to boot pc and enter bios.

    Just so I don't create another topic. I also got a message, Disk Read Error. Insert system disk and press enter. But I presume beacuse it's new disk and there is nothing on it.
  8. The error you mention is because of no boot loader i think. It should go away once an OS is installed or a bootable DVD/CD is inserted.
    Check what is your first boot device in BIOS. I think it is set to DVD/CD.
  9. Can't check right one... working ;) But I think hdd is first boot device. Also hdd is SATA while DVD is IDE.
  10. Then i think you should go ahead and install an OS. If you are installing the Win XP, then you must have to install the SATA drivers first. For that you need a floppy drive.
  11. Don't thinks so. Don't even know what HSF stands for. Is it Corsairs forum?
  12. Nope, it's not me than :)


    Yup, I'll install it tonight or tommorow, thanks for all the help. :D
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