HD 4250 with only 203 mhz core clock?

hi i just bought a new laptop and it comes with an hd mobility 4250, but on the ati website it says its got 500mhz as core speed although mine only shows up to 203mhz as seen below..

can anybody explain me how to increase the core speed??

thanks in advance
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    That is the 2D speed. All modern GPU's run at a 2D and 3D speed, with maybe another speed in between for2D multimedia. When you are running 3D apps it will clock up to the higher speed. This conserves power and produces less heat when you are just doing desktop stuff. Sometimes laptops will also run at a lower speed even in 3d apps if you are not plugged into the AC adapter.
  2. aw thank u so much jay i was concerninc about the drivers or some kind of protection enabled.. zzz..

    thanks again

    btw, do u know what kind of drivers hd series does a 4250 go with? or anybody else?
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  4. No problem. I think everyone freaks out the first time they see that if they didn't already know about the different clock profiles.

    ATI drivers are packages each month and usually support all cards in a certain series. Just go to the ATI/AMD site and they have a download guide.
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