Good budget psu.

Hiya. I need a good quality PSU that goes for less than $50. I don't plan to do anything crazy with it, but it must have a 6-pin connector (I don't need one at the moment, by the way). Right now i'm running a generic 500W PSU with no free connector whatsoever, and I need a good one for possible future upgrades. My mobo is a M4A785TD-M if that's relevant. Thanks again.
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  1. Do you live near a Micro Center? They have better deals on PSUs than Newegg. If not, here are a couple of Newegg choices that meet spec:

    OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ500MXSP 500W for $47 after rebate (includes shipping).

    OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ600MXSP 600W for $49.99 after rebate.
  2. First off, just to make sure, your case will hold a full size power supply?

    Let me tell you what I do to research a power supply.

    1) jonnyGURU is the best I have found, and that is where to start. If you find the same make, model and wattage you need go no further. If jonny recommends it, you are secure in your purchase. Even if he only gives it a 7 or an 8, and the price is cheap, I still have purchased those prducts because jonny is a tough reviewer. Anything less than that, steer clear.

    2) if jonnyGURU has reviewed the make and maybe a similar model, that helps. If he gives the products a rating of like 4, which he did for CoolMax, run away. Cheap PSU vendors do not send him their products to get dissed in his reviews. The last CoolMax reviewed was like 2008. Its a safe bet they still make crap.

    3) If jonny is mute, try to find another independent reviewer like hardware secrets, or similar. If the site that is reviewing is also the seller, then it is almost certainly biased, so stay away form theat. You will know it is a legit review, because you will have to scroll to the last page after all the testing to find the conclusion. In this review for the Cooler Master elite, they called the product a fraud. Ouch!

    4) Even if you can't find an independent review for the same make model and wattage, go with the closest. In this case, hardware secrets had an OCZ 600 Watt StealthXStream review, and they liked it!

    So, buy the OCZ.
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