Motherboard LED sparked and went out.

Last night I happened to notice a quick spark light up inside my case. My room was dark at the time, otherwise I wouldn't have even seen it. After this I raced over to my computer to see what had happened. After turning my monitor back on, I was relieved to see that the computer still worked. Upon closer inspection, one of the LED's near the top of the board had popped and caused the spark. It now only faintly glows every once in awhile.

My question is this: Could this spark have damaged anything?

When running HWMonitor all my temps look OK and all hardware is shown. Am I just being paranoid?

Thanks for the help, Caleb.
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  1. Although it is not unheard of to have a defective led, it is fairly uncommon. Normally they explode and spark from overvoltage only. However, now that you definitely have a failed component, you don't know if the next thing that happens is that it becomes a dead short and fries something else on your MB. I would send the board back if it is under warranty or seriously consider buying a new/replacement MB. What LED was it that blew out on what model motherboard?
  2. It was the green LED up top near the MemOK! LED on an Asus P8P67. Now I'm really nervous! Haha, I've already had to RMA my motherboard once, so I really don't wanna do it again.

    Edit: It's listed as O2LED2 in my motherboards manual.
  3. OK, so now it's back to being as bright as it was before the "spark". I had thought the LED had blown, but apparently it had just stopped glowing for some reason. Not sure what to make of this but I'm glad it didn't actually blow.
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