Good hd gaming build?

Hi, i would like to build an hd gaming rig some stuff i have some i dont, any advise o what to change on my list?

E6500 2.93ghz
Gigabyte g41
4gb 800 kingston
Graphics card:
Ati raedeon xfx 5770 1gb ddr5
Seagate barracuda 1T 7200rpm
Dvd drive:
Stock(future blueray/dvd combo)
Samsung b2330h 23"hd
Odin 550w
Logitech 7.1 surround

My main concern is the 5770 vs the gtx 260(because 5770=cheap and gtx260 has physx.)
Thank you for any responses and advice
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  1. What's up with the last gen C2D+DDR2+4X chipset?
  2. woah woah woah.... fill this out.

    No reason you should be getting that old of an Intel CPU
  3. Thanx, i have cpu and ram already but wanted to upgrade my rubbish biostar p4m900 (g31 not working), i only earn about 130$ a month, so any cpu and mobo u could recomend to the total value of 260$ for a combo,also whats you opinion on 5770(cheap) and gtx260(physx) both perform wel but is physx worth the extra price? thanks for the input:)
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