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Can anyone tell me whether my motherboard can support AMD Phenom II X6 1055? My motherboard is ECS A780 GM-M3. It supports socket AM3 but some guy told me that it only supports 95W X6 processors whereas 1055 is 125W so I can go on to 1045 only. Can I use 1055 in any way by using some BIOS update or anything else?
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  1. 1. go to your motherboards website.
    2. Look up your motherboard model number.
    3. Check the CPU support list.

    Its that simple.
  2. It does seem like your board is limited to 95W, the bios updates the 6 core support for the 1045 only. :(
  3. Thanks for the help guys. I had checked the site that is why hoped that there might be a solution to use processors with 125W rating. One more thing, ECS website mentions that you can use a processor of 95W only so it means I can use any such hexacore but the supported CPU list only mentions 1045. Why is that so?
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    Is is true that sometimes the sites don't list other supported cpu's like Opterons and Zeons.

    The best thing to do is find the cpu's you are considoring and email ECS to check support.
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