Is this ok for light gaming?

Hey guys I just posed another post saying I was getting a new laptop for GIS work and giving my current one to my girl. I want to know if she will be able play games on it.

The laptop in question is the Asus x83v. It has a 2 ghz C2D, 4gigs DDR2 ram and a geforce 9300gs. She loves games but not the hardcore stuff (MW2 etc.) But she does like somewhat modern games like sims3 etc.

I want to know if this game will play newer titles that don't demand alot of specs like Sims 3, Plants, vs. Zombies etc. I've already installed audiosurf and it works well and I'm sure it can play all 8-16 bit emulators with no problem.

Will this laptop be able to handle project 64 and epsxe well?
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  1. For the light gaming purpose this laptop will be just fine ...but even the sim 3 she have to play at low\mid settings.But never mind it's good.. for light gaming go for it.
  2. Thanks for the response. I just installed Plants vs. Zombies on it it ran perfectly (didn't know it was such a small game). I want to know if this will also play project 64 (N64 emulator) and epsx (ps1 emulator) and WoW. She not heavy into gaming but many have fallen victim to WoW and if that's her fate i wanna know if the machine will play it, even at low settings.
  3. I think it should handle the emulators. For Sims/WoW if I had to guess they will be playable but you are going to have to put the settings down to a bare minimum.
  4. Ok thanks. I doubt she'll care about detailed shadows and lighting effects. If anything she will just want to play the games.
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