Atom E600 Series / Atom + Win7

I've been searching around for some info and benchmarks on the Intel Atom E600 series (specifically the E680), but can't seem to find anything. I know their pretty new, but I would have assumed someone would have some info on them. I've found a couple boards coming out in Q1 2011 which will support the E600's. Are there no boards currently supporting the CPU's though?

Also curious if anyone here has used Win7 with an Atom CPU? I've seen a few articles on it online, just looking for more info on it.
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  1. Thanks for the reply. I didn't realize the Atoms are always sold embedded to a motherboard.

    The Bobcat sounds pretty impressive. I'm not sure one will be available on a small enough board though. For my application I'm limited to Pico-ITX at the largest (possibly using a CoreExpress if I can). The only chips on these size boards seem to be Atom and VIA. But please let me know if you know of anything smaller that will support these upcoming chips.
  2. you would be better of with a D525 Atom :)
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