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I'm looking at building a new computer - primary purpose is video and photo editing and secondary using as HTPC. I don't play video games.

I currently use Adobe CS5 for video and photo editing. I have a Canon T1i and Canon HG20. I would like to edit my 1080 home video and burn to Blu-Ray. This is pure hobby for me.

I'm looking at an Asus M4A88TD-V with HD 4250 integrated graphics and 128MB side port memory with HDMI output. Since I don't play video games, do I need to purchase a separate video card with this MOBO?

There is another MOBO with HD4290, but no sideport memory? Am I better off with the 4290 or 4250 with sideport?

Frys had new 1075T AMD for $179 last week. I'm thinking about buying this CPU when it goes back on sale.

In my current build, I have an AMD X2 6000+ with Integrated 3300 MOBO. The video output looks great, but my current build bogs when rendering the video.

I already own most of the other components. Is there a better CPU & MOBO for my needs under $300?
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  1. You won't find the 1075T for that price until next-gen hits.
  2. This was the add a week ago. I would think they would come around again at that price during the holiday sales. Would this combo MOBO CPU meet my purpose?
  3. I know about the ad, I bought 1 to sell on Ebay :) I mean you're not going to find that price again for quite a while.
  4. If your software supports CUDA then a NVIDIA Graphics Card is a must have. If you are working in HD then an i7 is a better bet. 4 GB RAM will do nicely and a decent HDD of course.
  5. What mobo do you have now, there are chances that it can take AM3 CPUs.
  6. Hmm if he's on HD3300 IGP means thats a 790GX so ya even if u on a an AM2+ version/DDR2 a Deneb/Thuban is miles superior than a 6000+ Windsor @@ Just check if BIOS updates are available for these chips
  7. Good catch on the chipset. I'm pretty sure he can keep his mobo and RAM.
  8. I was planning on using my current build as my DVR in my living room. I wanted to build a new computer for rendering video. I was hoping someone could answer my original questions. Is there a better CPU & MOBO combo for under $300 for video editing (no gaming)? If I was to go with integrated graphics, am I better off with the HD 4290 or HD 4250 with sideport memory?
  9. Hmm rendering i would hit a Thuban and ya IGP chipset makes sense and if u want SATA/USB 3.0 have a look at the 880G/SB 850 mobos
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