Graphics card; making it fit?

Just got the Gigabyte GeForce 460 ( ). Trying to put it into my Gateway computer (GT5034) that has a pretty small case. Bottom line it won't fit due to the tail end 1/5th of the 460 card hits the CPU metal cooling vent structure (can't be replaced w/o cutting it out) which sticks up from motherboard about an inch preventing the 460 from getting into the only PCIe x16 slot i have.

This guys' solution ( was to give up and buy a smaller card. Googled around and found PCIe "riser" cards and "extension" or "extender" cards. From what i'm seeing 'risers' generally turn the card at 90 degress off and away from the motherboard, and extensions usually just move it away from the MB.

So my question is can I use an extension like this

or riser like this

(yea, i know i'll have to run the monitor cable in through the slot to plug it in to the card since either way it now won't line up with the existing access slots in the back of the computer).

My fears are 1) googling i dont' see this (these new gen large cards causing problems in mini-towers) as common (which i thought it would be) adn thought i'd get a quick reccomendation on what riser/extender to buy but don't see any; 2) most of these cards seemed to be made specifically for rack mount type systems, not like my mini-tower. I';m too ignorant to know if these won't work in a 'consumer' type PC like my gateway.

Anyway, so how come no 1 is doing this? Is this an option to put them in like this or is there a reason no one does it that i'm missing?

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  1. There is a 3rd option. You could buy a new case, and transfer the whole computer to the new case. This would likely help airflow to keep heat down, give you the option to use an aftermarket cooler, and you can use it for the next time you rebuild. Now that you are becoming more of an expert, you may find your next computer will be self built.
  2. If it were only that simple; i'd have to install a new motherboard too; it's the motherboard design that's killing me. If i do all that i might as well buy a new computer.

    But yes ; my next computer will be more 'built'; i'm trying now to stretch this computer (good CPU; 4gig ram; already upgraded to 750WPSU) for about another yr or 2 then take this 460 card and 750W power to a new system. with plenty of room since i know better now.

    So again any advice on adding extension/riser to make this work?
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