Can't Find GPU to Fit Into New Case

Is it unusual for an ATX case to only allow small(ish) video cards? My Cooler Master Elite 310 says this:

Please ensure that your GPU card does NOT exceed 8.7-inch (220 mm) in length, it will cause damage to the case and the GPU.

I was browsing for video cards at Newegg (mostly looking at GTX 460), but the ones I see are all in the 9 inch range. Of course, they all say Height x Width, but I'm assuming that Width is equivalent to Length.

Anything I can do about this limitation to the case, or is it set in stone?
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  1. Well, i know that this particular case is quite small-
    Yeah most high performance cards wont fit in - To find a card that will, well , do some research, width/length..
  2. Ugh, most of the cards don't actually tell how long they are. That means I have to go to the manufacturer's site?
  3. hmm - Maybe- ;) painful research-
  4. With the above GPU, the power connections are on the end so you will need to allow room for that. I'm not sure if the case requirements are allowing for that added dimensional need.
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