Radeon HD 5670 bsod


So I bought me a brand new Radeon HD 5670.

I played some games with no problems for several hours.

The one and only thing that happened which caused the bsod, is Southpark. Southparkstudios.com - It played an episode for about 1-3 minutes and blued out, every time I tried.

I used WhoCrashed to find that the cause was in the new driver. I have 2 files matching it by time, and they're ativvaxx.dll & ati3duag.dll

So I checked and double checked and found that my old Nvidia driver was still installed (in Add/Remove programs)

So I removed it.

No change.

So I uninstalled and reinstalled the new (and updated from ATI.com) driver.

No change.

I updated the BIOS.

No change.

I even fiddled with the RAM and the different slots.

No change.

btw, all this wasn't done in this particular order, but I lost track of time and time-consistency. So for me it all happened at once :)

So now I'm back at the starting point, with the old drivers definitely removed, and the new one definitely updated.

I still can't watch Southpark.

And if I'm not mistaken, I can watch other stuff.

The one time I didn't get the bsod was when I removed the card, and plugged the screen to my good old on-board video exit.

My specs:

Win XP Pro SP3
Intel core 2 Duo CPU E6550 2.33 GHz
Intel Desktop Board DG33FB

My power supply marked as 500W maximum capacity, and according to http://extreme.outervision.com/PSUEngine I need less than 300W

Seriously you guys, not cool...

Please help, and don't say "stop watching southpark" :)
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  1. I would say did you upgrade to the latest Flash Player, and can you run CCleaner to delete all the old Nvidia registry files left over from the uninstall.
  2. Thanks, I'll try CCleaner, but i did upgrade the flash player and nothing changed.

    Didn't try it with IE, though... only FireFox...
  3. Whenever I run into weird problems (I use IE8) with websites that just won't go away no matter what I do I go to the delete browsing page, on which I can delete all form data, passwords, cookies, temporary internet files and the like. Not sure how to do it in FireFox but I know it has that function and could clear up your headache.
  4. Thx for your help G, I cleaned the reg with Glary, and tried IE, it works perfect.

    Still didn't check FireFox (too scared :) )

    I'll post a final update when I'll muster the courage to see a bsod again...
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