Hey guys, so basically this is my pickle. I have two ocz vertex 2 60GB running in raid 0.

The write speeds are a little people are saying I should just update the firmware seeing as I am on 1.0.

I'm trying to update but toolbox doesnt recognize the drives. Maybe because theyre in RAID? I'd just put it in ACHI mode but my OS is installed on the two drives in raid 0.

Is there a way around this or a way to update my firmware while still in raid?
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    OCZ's Linux-based Tool will allow you to update the firmware on your drives while in RAID mode.,_Vertex_LE,_Agility_2/

    You basically burn an .iso file to a CD or USB thumb drive, boot to the CD or thumb drive, and click an icon to update the firmware.

    Here's the link for detailed instructions on how to use the bootable toolbox:!!-OCZ-Bootable-Toolbox-PC-Edition-%28REBUILD%29
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  3. Thank you, you're a true life saver mate.
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