2GB of VRAM is essential for multi-monitor gaming w/ GTX 460s




For those on a budget, or not wishing to worry about the power draw or heat output of a full-fat GF100 SLI setup, but still wanting to enter Surround gaming, the 2GB GTX460 presents an unrivalled opportunity to do so. Given the little extra cost of a 2GB card over a 1GB card, there is no reason now they are available to go with 1GB cards and risk a 'settings lottery' of whether a particular detail setting will push the game into single-fps territory.

Obviously, for those running single screen systems, a 2GB card is just overkill. But as already said, for those wanting Surround on a "budget"... a pair of 2GB GTX460's for three cheap 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 screens can't go wrong.

Very informative and a bit surprising. The 5xxx series doesn't need 2GB for 3 monitors, but it seems the GTX 4xx series does.

Great job by Paradigm Shifter too.
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  1. Nice post, great test. Another plus for the Gtx 460 .
  2. Besides Crysis, two GTX 460 2GBs can max out damn near anything. That is pretty awesome stuff.
  3. This is what I have been saying for a long time yet people say that I am wrong that gpus don't take advantage of the memory that is available to them.
  4. Yeah, I've been on the fence. People seem to think that since extra VRAM doesn't help ATI, that the same will be true for nVidia, despite their completely different architectures. Assumptions are never a good idea.
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