Help I dropped my seagate external hardrive

I dropped my seagate external hard drive. Now it is not getting power so I don't know if my files gone for good. Devastated because every family picture that we have taken since our son was born was stored on the drive. Can this be fixed and my files recovered? What do I do?
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  1. You should never, ever save valuable files on only one hard drive. You should always save such files on at least two physically separate hard drives, because even if it you never drop it, all hard drives fail sooner or later.

    If the drive will not power up (and it will very likely be physically damaged too) your only option is to send it to a professional data-recovery service which is very expensive.
  2. They are gone unless you got a few thousand dollars to spend on pro services.
  3. What model is the drive? Because if its just an enclosure external drive then it is possible that its just the USB controller or power delivery that has broken. You could probably just bust it open and then connect it straight to the computer using a SATA connection. That would remove potential points of failure and it might work.

    If its a proper external HDD, then yep, pretty much your only option is too send it to a specialist.
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