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I just built my computer yesterday, its got a nforce 730i motherboard with onboard video card. The first time we tried booting up with windows 7 it started booting but error'd out mid way through. so i restarted the process, and the second time we tried the windows 7 disc it gave us the message "BOOTMGR is missing." So we tried putting vista on instead but it still gave us the message "BOOTMGR is missing." It booted Hirans boot cd, so i'm stumped on why it wont read the windows discs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Now when I choose to boot from hard disk it powers off
  2. Is the boot order in BIOS set to look for CDROM before the HDD? If it is not then set it to check the disc drive before the hard drive.
  3. Huh not sure to understand everything you said:
    and the second time we tried the windows 7 disc it gave us the message "BOOTMGR is missing."
    Did you meant that AFTER the install it showed that error message? Cause that makes no sense since you just installed Windows and it should have installed the bootmgr by itself. The only thing that I can think of is that you messed you actual Windows install, then when you boot your computer it just doesn't read the disk and try to load your old Windows. Do as jsanthara suggested you.

    Also it could be your DVD drive that is going bad. It is easier to try another drive than downloading the whole Windows from the internet.

    Your Windows 7 DVD might be scratched or partly not readable. Since you have the cdkey for it, you should try to download Windows 7 on the internet and burn the iso on DVD and try to use it instead.

    Note that Windows 7 discs doesn't work with every DVD drive. For example my NEC DVD-RW ND-3550A ATA doesn't recognize it at all. I had to use my cousin's drive to make backup of my Windows discs, knowing that I used 3 different DVD disks brand, so that I will never have that trouble again. ^^ Ok I agree that you don't need to do 3 backups but I prefer being safe than sorry.:-D

    Always do a backup of your Windows CD/DVDs so that you don't have to use the real disk to install Windows. That way it won't be exposed to sunlight and won't scratch at all.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Now it wont power up, it will turn on for a split second and immediately turn off :'(
  5. Changing the boot order should not (can not as far as I know) have that effect. Something else is going on here.

    Try removing all expansion cards and peripherals and see if it powers up (and stays up). If it powers up then add everything else, one by one, and see if you can isolate the problem.
  6. The first interrupted installation is still on your HDD and it "tells" the new installation you are trying to perform that it's there and it's unfinished, so instead of a new installation you are actually trying to resume your broken one. Reformat the disk and try again.
  7. jiggypopsauce said:
    Thanks for the advice. Now it wont power up, it will turn on for a split second and immediately turn off :'(

    Try taking out the battery now
  8. Jiggypopsauce, if windows was loaded properly at least once, try resetting your CMOS. I get my computer to boot up like that, and hitting f2 when it prompts for setting. Unfortunately, I can only boot up by clearing CMOS. Still trying to figure out how to fix bootmgr image missing or corrupt.
  9. Sorry to have all this at once, but, me going to sleep. Everytime you do any of the following, test the system to see if it´s fixed:
    1) Check all cables (data + power + motherboard).
    2) Remove all unnecessary hardware for installation purposes.
    3) BIOS: load setup/basic defaults.
    4) Disable integrated controllers.
    5) Look for the hard drives list and make sure its configured correctly between Compatible/Enhanced Modes (IDE - SATA).
    6a) Is the installation cd or dvd original or burn-type? if so, burn again and check for reading erros before finishing he process.
    6b) Start the windows installation process again, delete partitions and reformat.

    Take care, and good night.
  10. oh, and please tell me you were ESD protected when building your computer up!
  11. Yes on the esd protection, and I thank you for the to do list. I'll post results soon
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