Is my system worth upgrading?

I am trying to decide if I can get a little more out of what I have than to buy all new. This is what I have now ( I have the memory maxed to 2G. I just want to get to last a little longer so that I can get a new build and hand this one down to the kids for school and light gaming.
Can anyone give me some advice?
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  1. The specs of the PC in the link is missing a graphics card and it doesn't seem like there is one integrated into the motherboard either. The computer you have doesn't seem like it cam be upgraded any further without requiring a new motherboard and with a new motherboard, you might as well get a new PC.

    What do you feel is lacking on it? Other than being a single core processor, assuming there is a graphics card on it, everything else seems fine. If you're not doing any heavy gaming (I'm talking about playing recent games at maximum resolutions and settings), then that PC should last as long as you want it to. That build should be fine for light to medium gaming, word processing and internet. I would say it would last another year or so before you actually need a new PC but don't get me wrong, that thing is getting pretty obsolete.

    If anything, you probably would want a bigger hard drive. Maybe a reboot would make it seem faster too by removing all the clutter you've collected through the years. Be sure to back up your stuff first though.
  2. Thank you for the advice. I was thinking of adding a video card since I do not have one. Also getting a larger HDD as well, but not really sure what to get?
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    Just grab the best $40 AGP graphics card and it would probably be alot better than what you have right now anyways. Anything over $40 is not really worth it at this point. Above this price and you could find a similar model for PCI-E which is a lot faster than the AGP cards your motherboard can handle.

    As for the hard drive, I would suggest getting an external. The good deal hard drives are almost all SATA now and your system doesn't support SATA. Getting a PATA hard drive is not worth the price. Just get an external USB drive, back up your data, then reformat your PC into a fresh OS free of clutter. I recommend WinXP SP3 but you can get Windows 7 if you want and it will work fine.
  4. Thank you I will get to looking!
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