Install question - Z68X-UD4-B3

I've already installed my Z68X and things are fine, but in talking to a store tech today, he said I should have enabled AHCI before installing Windows, I did so after and it seems fine.

He also mentioned to me to enable XMP which I don't see any option for at all.
I'm running an i5-2500K with 8G of Mushkin Stiletto RAM.

I'm a plug'n'play kinda guy, is there something I should be doing in BIOS settings to run my rig properly and well?
Suggestions, tips, etc....?

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    To enable XMP, go into the Motherboard Intelligent Tweaker menu, and then to the memory-related option. It should be in there.
  2. Found out my Mushkin Stiletto memory doesn't have that capability, hence no XMP in BIOS.

    Not sure if it's a great loss or not, but hey, got a good deal on the memory.
    Thanks for the help though.
  3. You shouldn't need to with that RAM anyway – XMP is designed for making it easier to run it at the manufacture's specs, but outside the official DDR3 specs. That RAM holds to the official specs, hence doesn't need it.
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