What would cause this?

Not 100% on the specs, I built it but it was 6 months ago and it is my sisters computer. She doesnt live with me but she's been getting a blue screen a lot since I built it, and someone on here said the code it lsited was hard drive related... She bought an external HD to save all her music to and Im going to reformat her HD asap and see if that fixes it.

But today, it's shutting down on her... She said it's done it 4 times in the last hour... no blue screen... just shutting down.

What could cause this? Anything HD related?
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  1. Shutting down as in shutting down in windows? Or as it it just completely turning off?

    If it's the latter, a good place to start is the PSU. A PSU going bad would do that.
  2. but the blue screen says HD..

    She said it's just cutting off now.. first time its done that.. before, it was Blue screen everyday
  3. If its just randomly turning off its either a PSU (most likely) or motherboard issue. I'd try replacing the PSU first.
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