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Hello, first time build, purchased the Storm Scout, i5, GA-P55-USB3, XMS3 4gig bundle from newegg. The 700w power supply doesn't have a 2x4 connector, I have two 2x2's and a 2x3. Also, the 12x2 power connector has a 10x2 with a 2x2 attached to it, but doesn't fit right. Is it supposed to? or am I fine with with the 10x2 power cable by itself? Thanks
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  1. What is your PSU Make & Model?
  2. tecmo34 said:
    What is your PSU Make & Model?

    Cooler master RS-700, I figured it out I think. The 2x2 on the 10x2 goes under NOT over, so it fits. Now, the 4x2, I could use a 2x3 with a 1x1 (ground) or two 2x2's for power. After reading about the pins , I found that I needed 4(+) and 4(-) so the 2x3 with the 1x1 ground wouldn't work I figured.
  3. This is what you need to plug in from your PSU... The CPU 4+4 Pin
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