Accessing files from rescued hard drive

A friend of mine asked me to take a look at her Compaq desktop, and it seems the power supply has basically kicked the bucket.

I offered to rescue files from her hard drive, so I plugged it into my SATA to USB adapter so I could save files/pictures she wanted to keep.

The device was recognized without a problem, and I went into the properties to take ownership of the drive, etc.

For many of the files, I can access them without a problem; however, when I try to access "documents and settings", I get the error that "H:\ Document and Settings refers to a location that is unavailable. It could be a hard drive on this computer, or ...."

I'm assuming this is due to a path error since the hard drive is now connected basically as a USB device with the assigned drive letter "H:" but I don't know what next steps to take so I can make sure to explore all locations where there may be files to rescue.
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  1. Can't you change the drive label to match the original path from Disk Management?
    i.e. assign the letter D: to your now slaved HDD to get temporary access. I'm really not sure this will work but i saw you had no replies so thought i'd write one... good luck champ!
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