9800gt EcoIntelligence vs 9600gt

My friend has a 9600gt, that is the regular version, and I have a 9800gt low power version ( http://www.bfgtech.com/bfgr98512gtge.aspx ) laying around (not my primary card or anything for my rig, just a fyi lol).

Which would be more powerfull? He is selling his 9600gt for 40 bucks, and he wants a card that is a little better for about 60-80$. Might as well make 20-40$ if hes OK with it knowing its atleast a little better. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I need at least the other card if i sell this, because my lil bro wants to be able to play some of his pc games to =D
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  1. It would be a 'little' better. The 9800GT Eco has reduced clocks..an HD5670 would be your guys' best option.
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