1.8v memory on a 1.5v motherboard

Hello,sorry if this question has already been asked but i couldnt find anything while searching.

im upgrading my ram,so i was wondering if a 1.8v RAM(or lower/higher voltage) can work on a 1.5v motherboard?

if its possible,would i need to change anything in the bios or something?or should it work automatically?

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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums!

    If your MOBO has both DDR2 (1.80v) and DDR3 (1.50v) then either can work, but only one or the other. IF your MOBO has only 1.5v DDR3 DIMM sockets only then no it will not accept 1.8v DDR2 RAM.

    Q - What MOBO?
    Q - What RAM?
  2. motherboard : (i bought my pc prebuilt,but after doing some research im pretty sure this is my motherboard)


    also,i was wondering too if i buy a ddr3 1600 ram,can it work on a motherboard that supports only up to ddr3 1300,even if it 'lowers its powers' to ddr3 1300?

    thanks for the fast response.

    edit : i dont know if this helps but the pc i bought is an Dell vostro 230 slim tower.
  3. I agree with that first part, but not the second. Official DDR runs at 1.5. There are many other sticks however. If you have some of that early 1.8v DDR3 ram, it should run in any DDR3 board. The issue you'll face is that if you have an Intel board you can't use more then 1.65 without burning out the pins. You'll need to boot, and lower the settings to something Intel boards can handle.

    So yes, what board and ram do you have?

    Edit: Can't be done. You can't use DDR2 ram in a DDR3 board. On the bright side you have a S775 board which to my knowledge can use that early 1.8V DDR3 ram. You'll want to sell your DDR2 and buy some new 1.65v DDR3 however.
  4. As I figured, the ASRock G41M-S3 uses DDR3 and the RAM you linked is DDR2 and will not work on that ASRock; it's 100% incompatible. However, the Dell BIOS is locked so you cannot set the DRAM Frequency >1066 MHz; enter the BIOS and look for yourself.

    ASRock Specs:
    DDR3 1333(OC)/1066/800

    Dell Specs:
    Memory Type: DDR3 PC3-8500, DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 (non-ECC)
    Maximum Memory: 4GB 2x2GB max

    However, the Dell BIOS is locked so you cannot set the DRAM Frequency >1066 MHz; enter the BIOS and look for yourself.

    My recommendations for DDR3 1066 MHz 2x2GB ->

    Crucial ->
  5. thanks for the quick answers.

    as i said,i bought a dell vostro 230 slim tower,but im not 100% sure if the motherboard that i linked is the one that i have,i just did some quick research and that looked like it is the one i have.

    but a while ago,after i created this post, i installed a program called Hwinfo and it says that my motherboard can support DDR2 up to 400 MHz(DDR2-800) or DDR3 up to 533 MHz(DDR3-1066)

    here's a pic :

    also with other program i found it :

    does that means that i can use the ram that i first linked? and that im using a ddr3 1333(pc3 10600) ram right now?

    Sorry for all the questions and confusions it might have caused,but im not so good in computers,i appreciate all the answers.
  6. Doing this on my iPhone.

    The RAM you have is DDR3 1333MHz but it's downclocked to 1066Mhz. I made my selections based upon your Dell and not the MOBO you listed.

    The "problem" is Dell's BIOS locks out changes to the DRAM Frequency, so if you purchased DDR3 1600 MHz it still would only run at 1066 MHz, the BIOS would have to allow the change, and I have not seen a consumer Dell allowing Frequency changes. Reson most folks would make mistakes causing their phones to ring off the hook.
  7. thanks for the info,one question that you didnt answer is:

    would this be able to run with my motherboard?

    and also,if i understood correctly,it doesnt matter if i buy a ddr3 with more frequency than my motherboard support,it still would run and the maximum frequency the motherboard support,right?the reason i ask this is because i might upgrade my motherboard/cpu in a while,so that way i can put that ram that i bought earlier in that new motherboard.

    also regarding the voltage,which is the maximum ram voltage i can put on my motherboard?(my motherboard is 1.5v)

    Thanks for everything,hoping this to be one of my lasts posts on this thread so i cant bother anymore with this.
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    Yes I did answer your question (2) posts ago, the AD2U800B2G5-DRH DDR2 is incompatible - "and the RAM you linked is DDR2 and will not work". I answered the question for either case ASRock and/or Dell that you posted.

    Yes, unless your BIOS allows DRAM/Memory Frequency adjustments the RAM is going to run at the BIOS Default which is DDR3 1066 MHz.

    DDR3 1.50v, 1.60v, and 1.65v will all work, but even the 1.65v DDR3 at 'SPD' 1066 MHz should be 1.50v. For best results purchase the Crucial that I linked.
  9. Oh,sorry,i thought that answer was only for the motherboard i linked,not for the dell.

    thanks for everything,you have been very helpful.
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