How do I format my ssd when system kept restarting in a loop???

Hi I would like to ask how can I format my SSD?

My system restarts then after showing the MSi (if I press del it goes to bios) but after showing the picture of MSi it restarts again.

for how this came to be I don't know. I was playing farcry 3 and it restarted now it keeps doing it now, as I don't have much knowledge on PC if there are no other solutions I would like to format the SSD

Currently using a Intel 330 SSD

system specs

i7 3930k
120gb 330 intel ssd
msi x79a gd65 8d
seasonic x760
sapphire 7850 oc

right now I put my old hdd hoping I could find an answer here (is it possible to just plug my ssd and open it on my computer and just format??) I haven't tried it yes since I'm still looking for where I put my other sata connections.

edit: btw my ssd only had windows and drivers etc. pretty much most games and other programs are installed on my external hdd (didn't install anything for the past few days besides farcry 3) and I doubt it's farcry 3 since been playing it for couple of days no problem. so maybe a virus or something wrong with my system.

edit2: ok I manage to format my ssd on disk management right now its at 111gb/111gb free but when I tried to only use the ssd and not the hdd which I'm using right now to do a fresh install, how come it won't read my ssd???

anyone can help me on this?

edit3: btw when i was formatting it using disk management It was named New Volume instead of Local Disk C:
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  1. already got a fix and the help from another site gave me an idea which fixed it... thanks anyway. please close threa
  2. Can you tell me how you fixed the reboot loop while trying to install to ssd. I am having the same issue.

    Or a link if you remember where you found the solution.
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