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Not sure if this is at the right place, but! I need to get network driver for my Asus P5K motherboard.

My OS is Win 7 ultimate 32 bit, but I can't find compatible drivers, I guess I'm a noob so please help anyone.

I would love if someone could leave a dircet link for the driver that I will be needing so I don't screw anything up.

Also in the device manager I only see wireless and wifi something, I hope that means I need drivers to fix my problem or do I maybe need to install something else?
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  1. I know you guys won't look for drivers for me, but please. I really can't find them at all and I can only get on a wireless network, when I use cable it won't even show up and wireless network is not available where I am at the moment and I need internet fast.
  2. I found some drivers but it says that it doesn't support my operating system: WNT_6.1P_32_MCE

    What to do?
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    From the following link, try to download and use the Windows Vista 32bit driver. From the top section under Operating System, change windows 7 to windows Vista 32bit. Then expand LAN.

    Once downloaded open up the Attansic Directory,

    Right click on Asussetup (the one with blue computer icon)

    Then choose Troubleshooting compatibility.

    Then select Try recommended settings

    Then Start the program
  4. I'll give that a try right away, thanks for your reply.
  5. Sorry I'm such a noob :S

    Qualified Vendor List (1)

    BIOS (11) [BIOS History]

    BIOS-Utilities (3)

    Chipset (1)

    Utilities (1)

    By saying "From the top section under Operating System" Do you mean the "BIOS (11) [BIOS History]" then or?
  6. Can you see the image of the Motherboard, right at the top?

    Right under that its written Model: P5K

    and right under that its written Operating System : Windows 7

    Now you need to click on Windows 7 and change it to Vista 32bit

    Then you will see LAN (1) in the list, Expand it.

    Next under Download from click on Global.

    I'll download it right away and get it down to my other pc and see if it works.
  8. Allright, so when I do that and try to isntall it I end up getting this message: "Can't find attansic L1 ethernet controller on your system blablabla."

    Soooo, where do I get this ethernet controller?
  9. Is is the adaptor enabled in your bios?

    When your system powers on, hold down F2 to enter the bios mode.
    or check it from device manager (its in control panel).
    is your Motherboard model Asus P5K? no other letters or numbers after it?
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