Asus P5E won't post anymore

Out of the blue my Asus P5e board won't post any longer. with the power supply on it would briefly run all fans before shutting down and again briefly run the fans. The only way it would keep all fans spinning was to disconnect the power to the CPU, obviously it would not post but it wound not go into the continuous cycle of start up and shut down. I went through the steps to unplug everything, pull the cmos battery out, etc. all to no avail. I thought it was the video card, as it would once in while post but the picture would be all distorted. Purchased a new video card but this does not do the trick either.

Before spending any more money on either a new CPU or ? would like to hear any input.

I am at a point where I wonder whether I should put more money into this or build a new computer.
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  1. Dead board.
  2. reseated everything. still not posting, fans won't spin ... until I unplug the CPU power supply. Then all fans start spinning. Then if I plug in the CPU powersupply fans continue to run. If I very briefly cut off the powersupply and turn the powersupply back on the system posts and systems starts properly. I still know this is not right. for quite a while this trick worked however now the system will cut out while it is running and resort back to the inability to post. still think it is the board. temperature sensor? bad powersupply?
  3. Board. Same thing happened to my P5K-E.
  4. Update.

    As a last ditch effort to salvage the system I decided to replace the power supply. The only reason I did this was that when the system started the LEDS in the supply did not completely light up even though fan was spinning and it was giving the green light on the Asus MB to indicate power was connected and sometimes booted the system a with the tricks described in the previous post.

    Well I am writing this from my system as the new power supply has resolved the problem....(for now). Clean start up, no issues whatsoever and have shut down and started now without any issues.

    Thumbs up, problem solved.
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