GTX 470 or Dual GTX 460s?

Hey, one of my 8800 GTS 512mbs is dying again, so I'm...

Yeah you get the idea.

Moral of the story, don't buy B-stock from EVGA.

Any way, I'm in the market for an upgrade and I can't decide between a GTX 470 or a GTX 460 SLI. Yes, I know the GTX 460 SLI is much faster than a single GTX 470, but do I really need that extra performance? I mean... I play games, not benchmarks like Vantage, Metro 2033, or Crysis so I'm not sure that I would notice the difference. So the question comes down to, are the GTX 460s worth $170-$180 more than a stock GTX 470, or $110-$120 more for an MSI Twin Frzr GTX 470?

I can always throw in another cheap Antec 500w and another GTX 470 later this year. Really, I want to try to squeeze another 2-3 years out of my GPUs, so the better cards seem a better deal for me. Or are the GTX 460s just close enough to the GTX 470s to make it irrelevant? I've seen 10-25% performance leads with the GTX 470 over a single GTX 460.
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  1. Your the veteran so I wouldn't argue, but I would go for the dual 460 rather than one 470. First of all it would beat the 470 hands down on all games optimized for SLI and second of all, do you really think a 470 would scale as well as the 460 if you SLI it?
  2. Why wouldn't GTX 470's in SLI scale as well as GTX 460's in SLI? The entire GTX 4xx series scales well.

    I guess my main problem is that I had set aside a lot of money to mod my TJ07 to get some acceptable temps. out of it. I suppose my question is this: Is it worth waiting to get a second GTX 470 over twin GTX 460s?
  3. I would go for the dual 460 just for now to give your local power company a little breather, then if you really want the 470 buy it when the prices get lower and sell off your 460s to help offset the cost.
  4. Considering there's a GTX 470 on newegg for just $270 after rebate I'd have to say it is the better deal at this point;
    It actually tends to OC even better than the GTX 460 and if you are on a 1920x1080 it is all you really need.
  5. It's $10 more but perhaps the EVGA card would actually be a better choice so you have the option to "step up" to the GTX 275 when it gets released;
  6. Bake the card in the oven for a revival? :D

    A single GTX460 1GB for $230 is more bang for the buck than a $300 GTX470. If you can find a GTX470 for, say, $270ish, go for that!
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