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hi, i just picked up a s/hand 8800gt and installed latest drivers, but it seems physx demo's "great kulu" and "star tales" give me a bsod, both use ut3 engine physx, i dont get it as i can run games no problem. my directx is uptodate but nvidia physx demos only run for a few seconds and give bsod. iv tried physx fluid demo "doesnt use ut3 engine" and it runs,,i just dont understand why ut3 physx wont work properly??
is there a fix? i ran physx fine on my 96gt and 88gs iv my card got a dead cuda or somthing??
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  1. I couldn't get some of those demo's to run when they came out a couple of years ago, I wouldn't worry about too much if I was you.
  2. SOLVED, after installing mafia 2 demo while using an ati card it cocked up physx drivers, done a whole reinstall of windows and all is fine..i treid removing physx and reinstalling but to no luck so a whipe and start again did it. :D
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