Crashing, and 2 ram slots not working

Hello guys, I wanted to know what might be wrong with my system. I believe my problem is either my Ram, or my Motherboard. I have 2 problems, one, 2 ram slots aren't working with my ram (system won't start up), but when I put the ram in the other 2 slots the system works.

The second problem is crashing, my computer crashes when I watch videos/run disk defrag or any program that has a heavy load. When it crashes I hear these weird buzzing/tearing noises in my headphones (note: its not beeps like when something isn't installed on the motherboard).

It happens the most when I'm watching YouTube videos. I know its not my video card because I switched them out with a different video card that worked in the past, and was getting the same problems. Any help would be great, Thanks!

Edit: Also, I can't even run memtest fully, it crashes before the test is finished which could be either the memory being faulty or the motherboard is crashing before it can even finish.
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  1. You could try putting the memory in another board and running memtest there. If it crashes on the other board then you know it is most likely bad RAM.
  2. Only Problem is its ddr3 ram, the only other motherboard I have is ddr2 only :(
  3. Hmmm. It would be ideal to be able to run memtest. Do you have a friend with a rig that they wouldn't mind you borrowing for an hour to run memtest (DDR3 compatible of course)?

    One other thing: How long does memtest run before your system crashes? Do any errors come up before it crashes?
  4. No errors come up it usually stops after 37 seconds, and doesn't go any farther(crashes i guess). I won't be on again till tomorrow, may check again at noon time. If anyone wants to give me ideas on whats wrong, go ahead and list what you think it is.
  5. Bump, I need to know what part I need to buy, or what may be wrong. Any Help would be great, Thanks!
  6. So you can get into the OS and start playing videos before it crashes, but if you run memtest you don't make it past around 30 seconds? This sounds like a memory problem.

    Is there anyway you can find another system to use and run memtest on your modules from there? I wouldn't buy more RAM just yet, because you would be wasting your money if it turns out your motherboard is to blame.
  7. The only person I could think of that I could test my ram uses a motherboard that only supports ddr2. What I'm thinking I'll do is buy the motherboard, if it doesn't solve anything I can just send it back and get my money back, its only $104. The ram I have my eye on is only $48, so if the motherboard doesn't work out I'll just buy the ram.

    When I do get the crash, I will sometimes hear a tearing/buzzing sound from my speakers, that sounds brutal.
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