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Looking at new systems for business. Looking at some systems with Intel integrated graphics and Intel Core 2 Duo and will be getting 4 GB of RAM. Been looking at some benchmarks and thinking Core 2 Duo would be fine vs the i5 but would like some other opinions. Will be running Win7 32 bit. For the most part everyone just uses MS Office and there might be the occasional PDF created. A couple others might be using Photoshop for the occasional light editing tasks and another uses Dreamweaver. Would like all systems to match. Any links for extra reading would be helpful.
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  1. Since the socket 775 is dead you can go AM3 (AMD latest socket) with Athlon II X2 and with Athon II X3 or X4 for the Adobe dudes or dudettes.

    A solid mobo with integrated video (same for all) and you can get only 2G of RAM for the non-Adobe stuff and 4G for the rest, same RAM sticks. Same PSUs and cases, same HDDs and DVD writers.

    Where are you buying from?
  2. Appreciate the responses. Looking at integrated Intel GMA 4500 video since only a couple people will be using anything other than office. Really, the people using Dreamweaver and Photoshop are not heavy users, they are in and out and still mostly in MS Office for the most part. All systems need to be able to be swapped in case needed in a pinch. Can not justify a video card for all staff. I have quotes on the Opti 980 w/ i3-540, a Dell Opti 380 w/ C2D E7500, a Thinkcentre M58 w/ C2D E7500 and HP 6000 Pro C2D E7600. I am not real familiar on how good Lenovo's service is, but the pricing is competitive. Still, wondering if the i3 on the Optiplex 980 would really be worth the extra price in terms of performance. Any links on performance or any thoughts on that would be appreciated. The Opti 380 is really cheap, but besides probably less expansion, what would be the downfall of choosing it? I see the chipset listed as G41 Express whereas the others were either Q45 or Q43 Express.
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