USB 3.0 SO SLOW!!!!

My problem is, my little 16bg (usb2.0) drive can transfer from this hdd at around 15MB/s. thats ok. sometimes it hits the 20MB/s and i giggle at the speed.

I have recently purchased a 32BG USB3.0 flash drive. when i transfer it on either my laptop, OR my homecomputer, the transfer speed does not even hit a steady 9.0MB/s! The average transfer speed is actually around 7.1-8MB/s. I change the ports, to the one the 16GB drive was plugged into, and put the 16 in the other port....the 16gb (again) preforms as advertiesed and hits speeds of 15-20MB/s. When i transfer the EXACT same files to the 32 (USB3.0), the speed is a dismal 7.1MB/s.

I finish the transfer to the 32gb, and give it to a friend. He plugs it into his computer, and transfers all the files i put on the drive at speeds of 20-30MB/s. We are both running Win7 64bit, SP1. The lappy is sporting Win7 32bit. Is there anything either of my computers are doing that his isnt, or is his doing something (other than makin me jealous) that mine isnt.

OK OK OK..... I know i dont have the fastest computer, hdd, processor, or anything like that. This is an Acer Aspire POS 5516. Equipped with, count them, TWO usb 2.0! :D oooooo Processor is a measly AMD athlon 64 TF-20.

My Computer is the shell to an older HP machine, 2x usb 2.0 ports in the front, and 4x usb 2.0 in the back obviously on the IO pannel. the processor is an AMD Phenom II x4 840, with a somewhat new GIGABYTE mobo.
-Both hdd's in the computer and the laptop are sata 3gb or higher with 7,200rpm...

PLEASE help. im tired of waiting 40minutes to transfer a stupid 120mb file.

Thanks to the UBER one whom can solve my headache,
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  1. if your lappy or desktop has usb 3.0 ports check that there on and you installed the newest usb 3.0 driver. if there older 2.0 ports make sure you have the newest mb chipset drivers for them. also check your bios setting to make sure there set at there fast speed. lastthing is run malware byte and good virus scan to see if your system is not infected.
  2. get a usb 3.0 pcix card for the desktop.
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