Ready to build, but found ad. Help me check it's value please!

-CPU: AMD Athlon II X4-640 3ghz
-Optical: LG GH22NS Sata Dual Layer DVD brander 22x
-GPU: XFX HD5770-1024Mb HDMI DVI Tripple screen
-PSU: MS-Tech 550W, 12 cm fan
-HDD: WD 1 000Gb 64Mb 10EARS Sata II (alternative is 500GB/7200RPM/16MBcache, saves me €17)
-MB: Asrock Full-ATX AMD 770 / AMD SB710 Chipset Crosffire
(4x geheugenslots aanwezig, 2x vrij voor uitbreiding)
-2x E-Sata, 6x USB 2.0 (2x USB2.0 front met audio (hoofdtelefoon & microfoon) front.
-Gbit 10/100/1000 Lan netwerk
-7.1 Digital Sound HDaudio (6x jack aansluiting + Digitaal)
-Crossfire X (2x PCI-E, mogelijk om een 2e VGA te plaatsen)
-3x PCI, 2x PCI-I
-6x Sata300 (raid)
-Mem: Micron Elixir 4Gb DDR3 1600mhz gekoeld (dual channel)
-Case: some cheap brandless case, €20 extra get’s me the CM Elite 333
-1 Year warranty

After a thread on this forum, where I got a lot of help, I came across this add. For the price they ask (€499), it’s hard to build it myself. Pricerange is right for me, GPU/CPU seems perfectly fine for everyday tasks and moderate gaming at a max. res of 1900x1080 (DCS: blackshark/A10, Flaming Cliffs 2, ARMA OA etc.)

I have my doubts when it comes to the PSU and case. A cheap case is fine, but does this system need optimal airflow? Or will a basic case suffice? As for the PSU, I just don‘t trust the brand. Alternatives offered are LC powers 550 and 650, but that doesn’t make it much better I think.

Please shoot at the specs and point me at weak spots I might have missed (for example mobo?). The HDD alternative seems interesting, as the rpm is higher (7200 instead of 5400) and 500GB is more than enough for me, but I don’t really know how important those RPM’s are. My reasoning: higher=faster. The 500Gb disk is cheaper though, so that’s money I can spend on PSU or case.
Any insight appreciated!
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More about ready build found check please
  1. Hey zip, thanks for the reply.

    I'm not at all afraid to start building my own, but if someone else does it for me for the same price, it saves me time :). The only thing I'm not up to speed with, are the more subtle issues, like the chipset on the mobo (it was explained to me as being fast, but it also seems pretty old, so I'm not sure if I should be happy with the current mobo) or memory timings and voltages and such.
    I still have an old earthing-bracelet laying around :).

    I guess I'll have to ask the vendor what the premium would be for a decent PSU... that might tip the scale into a decision.
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