GeForce 9400 GT just hit 108 degrees celcius according to EVGA....?!?!

So I've had my GeForce for about 8 months now, overclocked it 7 months ago and the settings have been fine until about 30 minutes ago. I was playing a game then suddenly everything went to 2 fps, so I restarted my computer. I began playing again, and it went to 2 fps again in about 15 minutes. I exited and checked EVGA Precision and it said that the GPU was at 108-109 Celcius, steady. It wasn't even dropping after I exited the game...Although somehow I don't think the card got fried. I have the computer off for now.

The computer is a Dell Studio 540 and I have the latest update on the 9400.

What in the world should I do first?
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  1. Disable all the overclock settings, open the case to really make sure that everything is fine, and clear out dust if there is any inside.
  2. Is there anyway I can re-enable my old graphics card that came with the computer? A G45/43, because if I'm going to buy a new graphics card I want to make sure that my card is in fact the problem. Or is there any way to safely disable my 9400 GT? which is unlikely.
  3. When you boot press F2 and go into your BIOS setup page, then go over to a video section and select integrated as your default graphics chip.
  4. Gaming the way it is meant to be Grilled with not other than an Grillforce 9400gt (cough crap). So I suggest that you clean the card and apply new thermal compound. Once done check for mods/hacks for Star Craft 2 if you are playing it since it is known to back cards.
  5. Or get a new cheap card like GT240 or HD5670, that's still better than 9400GT...
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