How many sata connectors etc?

Hey Guys,

I am puzzled with how many fans i can plug into this power supple and how many Sata Connectors it has.

On Newegg it dose not state how many there are.

Here's The PSU :

Thanks for the help,

D54th. :sol:

Also Could this PSU run this setup?
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  1. Oaky, first off, you cannot plug fans directly into the PSU and second, the PSU does NOT have any SAT ports. You are refering to a motherboard. I would also guess that whn you mean by fan and SATA, you man the power connectors to the HDD for SATA and the Fan for if it can handle multiple fans.

    To answer, if your motherbard has multiple fan connectors and you have at leat one HDD, then YES, you have a good PSU. It also goes well with your setup ae well.
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    The Xigmatek NRP-PC402 power supply has four SATA power connectors, and six Molex 4-pin power connectors according to Xigmatek's User's Manual and Cable List for that power supply unit model.

    NRP-PC402 User's Manual:

    NRP-PC402 Cable List:

    NRP-PC402 80 PLUS Verification and Testing Report:
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