ATI XFX HD 5850 Cooler question

My new XFX 5850 arrived today and I was rather dissapointed when unboxing it to see it look like this:

Is there any reason mine is all stripped down whereas 99% of images on the internet, shops, reviews, videos etc show the good looking beafy version?

I was expecting to get this:

What's the difference? Which is better? Why is there a difference? Is one a newer/older model etc?

Obviously they will perform the same, I'm just a bit of a sucker for a good looking computer and what I got is not a good looking card.

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  1. Second image link didn't work. This is what I was refering to how I was expecting it to look:

  2. You got a cheap aftermarket version. If you can get a refund, do so - the stock cooler in the 2nd picture and this version:

    are much better than that egg cooler.
  3. Blues version is great because it pushes most of the air out the side, while the egg redistributes them in the case.
  4. Agree, the 2nd picture is better, since it will blow the hot air out of the back card...
    I'm pretty sure the 2nd card is much cooler than the egg type...
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