A few CPU questions

So Iv'e been in the game for building computers for a while but I just recently started school and lost track of time and therefor lost a little bit of the new tech. If some of you could help me a little that would be awesome!

Last time i was in the game i was building a i7 930 CPU, now i see they arnt even selling anymore and id like to know why?
other then that i want to know what comparable to an i7 930 or so and whats this new talk about the "Sandy Bridge".

thanks for the help!
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  1. i7 950 replaced the i7 930, I think.

    Sandy Bridge info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandy_Bridge_(microarchitecture)
  2. That exactly what I was looking for thanks!
  3. I did want to know, does this mean the i7 930 is out dated or is it still a good CPU? i guess my real question to follow that up would be what does the new chip have?
  4. It is still grreat. Hey, ever heard of an i7 920?!?!

    I personally would wait untill both Sandy and BD are out and 'benches have been pressed.'
  5. Yeah i had the i7 920 and then gave that computer to my dad cause he wanted to play with me believe it or not lol then i got the i7 930...

    what do you mean wait for the Sandy and BD?
  6. The new Microarchtechtures developed by Intel and AMD respectfully.

    Intel: Sandy Bridge

    Advanced Micro Devices: Bulldozer.
  7. What type of motherboard will the sandy microarchitectural require ?
  8. and will it still use the x58 north bridge ?
  9. Sweet thanks! just one last thing. does this mean that the 1155 is better then the 1366 socket?
  10. 1155-A replacment of 1156. For low-profile CPU's like the i7-2600 series
    1366-No plans as as for all that I know.
    2011-Extened LGA for the higher profile chips.

    I think 1155 uses x56 chipset, or what I heard.

    At the other end, AMD is releasing a new socket called AM3+,( or AM3r2)
  11. 1155 will use p67 and h67 chipsets. p67 will be more expensive and better for overclocking, h67 will be able to use integrated graphics. So, if you are a gamer or do some graphics work, get the p67. i5 760 isn't bad either, I was going to get that one, but decided to get the i5 2500k when it comes out.
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