Please, what does it mean when my dell d620 diagnostics said \

somebody please help. when i ran diagnostics on my dell d620 it says "dst short test failed; error code 1000-0146 please advise on what to do. i don't know much about computers. i just upgraded memory (in back of unit) then that's when diagnostics came up. please advise. thanks. jacob
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  1. Have you pulled the memory you installed and tried reseating (reinstalling) it? When you say you upgraded the memory did you add more RAM or replace all of the RAM?

    From what I have read it sounds like your hard drive is failing. Did you have any problems before the memory upgrade?
  2. just upgraded from 1gb to 2gb in the back of laptop. haven't had any other problems with laptop
  3. is my hardrive really failing?
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