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January 6, 2013 1:52:06 AM

So I usually install my OS on RAID 0 arrays and usually use the intel or whatever onboard controller to create it (ctrl+I during boot). I recently got rid of my RAID 0 OS array and replaced it with a single ssd. I decided to take 4x3 TB segates that I was using as 4 seperate media drives and make 2 RAID 0 6TB drives to use for media (yea I know I should just get a NAS already). So I found out I had to do it via boot manager in windows and make them dynamic striped volumes, because the raid utility had a limit for 1493 gb it seemed.

So my question is, my current BIOS setting for the intel sata controller is set to RAID right now, I was wondering if I could set it to AHCI now since, or should I even bother? Does it matter? Would it affect my current dynamic striped volumes I made in windows boot manager? My reason for wanting to do this is I assume now during POST with the BIOS setting set to AHCI, it won't run that extra RAID volume check.

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