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Hi, I recently replaced both my CPU and mobo, upgrading to an i7 950 and an ASUS sabertooth x58 mobo. For about a day I've been running fine, but recently I started experiencing lag, and when I checked the CPU temp in the BIOS, it read 84 Degrees celsius. Upon restarting, I got a CPU over temp error notice before going into the bios. I was wondering What the best course of action would be. I am using the stock fan which is installed correctly.
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  1. Also, I just removed the fan, and the stock thermal pad stuff that comes on the base of the heatsink/ fan was smudged on the contact point of the heatsink and on the top of the CPU.
  2. Hello,

    You should definitely replace the TIM. To do so, first take some isopropyl alcohol (or acetone, it works just as well) and soak a Q-Tip with it. Then rub it wagainst both the CPU metal plate and the Heatsink to remove any trace of the old TIM. Then apply new one. I really recommend IC Diamond 24 over Artic Silver 5, it performs much better (5-7 degrees lower with IC24).
    You can buy it here :
    And here is the procedure to apply it :

    Also, if you've overclocked you CPU, I'd really recommend upgrading your cooler. The stock one simply isn't good enough. For the top of the line cooler, you could go with a Noctua NH-D14 or the Corsair H70.
    You can also take a look here to find reviews of CPU coolers :

    Hope this helped,
  3. I'l try to get some more thermal compound tomorrow. The weird thing is, I'm not over clocking. It reads 80c at rest in the BIOS. Thanks.
  4. Yes, the reason for these very high temps is that the heatsink must not make a good contact with the CPU and/or that the thermal compound is not applied correctly.
  5. I smell a best answer for al360x. Definitely shouldn't need aftermarket paste for a non-OC'ed chip. I'd try re-seating the cooler first and see if it's cleared up.

    Once you get your temp issue resolved, consider a reasonably priced heatsink and a mild overclock- you'll enjoy it and probably understand your system far better!
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