Which is best overall processor?

Which processor is better for the average persons use in processing Photo and video files and creating new video DVD's the Intel core i7-870 or the Intel Core i7-950?
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  2. They are virtually the same processors.. Just that the i7 870 sits on a socket 1156 motherboard and the i7 950 sits on a socket 1366 motherboard..
  3. Either of them are good...I do photo editing with my i7 920/GTX460 is it works fine :) If you are applying a big effect, better ram and faster CPU will speed up the effect. Just get which ever suits your more specific needs...aka budget and personal preference.
  4. The topic title is like asking hwat is the best tool a screw driver or a hammer.... it depends on whether you wanna get out a screw or bang in a nail :)

    Your qualifier in your post is what defines the choice in this case and for video editing photo work, the extra RAM channel alone gives the nod to the 950.
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