PC won't POST/beep, but things still are spinning...

First, my PC:
i7-920 LGA1366
Asus P6T (non-deluxe)
3x2gb Kingston DDR3 1333 kit
GTX260 (Gigabyte brand, I think)
Corsair HX620 power supply
Windows 7 64-bit

My problem:
My computer has run in its current config for approx. 1.5 years.
My computer was on overnight last night, and this morning I told it to 'sleep' (as I have done in the past with no issues), but when I got to it this afternoon, it would not wake up (The fans sounded like they were on, but nothign on the screen).
So I held the power button in until the PC turned off, and then tried a reboot...

Since then, I have tried:
1. Remove everything from my case except the Mobo/PSU/CPU+hsf, then rebuilding. Still no go.
2. Tried a different video card
3. Tried different configurations of RAM (including with NO ram, to see if I'd get any POST)
4. Found a PC speaker and plugged it in to my mother board, and tried most of the above ^ but got no beeps at any point
5. I have tried: CPU/RAM/VGA, CPU/VGA, CPU/RAM (no beeps!). And I tried all of these with the hard drives/optical drives plugged in and out, to see if that made a difference.

When the PC powers on, one of the lights on the case flickers a couple of times, and the case fans and CPU fan turn on, and I can hear the hard drives spinning.
At no stage was I able to get any output at all on the screen (from either video card attempt), and nor was I able to get any beep.

Since it does not work with either video card I tried, I am guessing that the problem lies in the CPU or the motherboard (and yes, I have plugged the other power cord onto the motherboard, which was one of the main problems I have read on the net while researching this).

I have tried googling/etc to find a solution to this, but the problems that had solutions that worked were never QUITE the same as my problem. About the only thing I havent tried is clearing the CMOS with the jumper, but I have misplaced my motherboard book it seems...

So I turn to you guys for any help/advice you might offer! What should I be doing now?
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  1. Do you have access to another PSU that you could swap to make sure the PSU is okay? If swapping a known, good PSU doesn't do the trick, you likely have a defective motherboard.

    Even though things are "spinning", it doesn't necessarily mean the system is getting sufficient power to operate. Good luck!
  2. I think I have access to a 430W Thermaltake CPU from an old case. It might not be super-dooper, but it certainly makes that PC work (as recently as yesterday).
    I also got no better result with all fans (bar the CPU fan), and all hard/optical drives powered OFF.

    I will try this next probably.
    Is there any way to isolate if it's the CPU or the motherboard? If I take the CPU out, and just have VGA/RAM/PSU, it should give me POST if the motherboard isn't broken?
  3. If you have no CPU, RAM, or video installed your mobo should beep like crazy (assuming you have a speaker attached or on your mobo). If you get zero sound, you likely have a dead mobo.

    Be sure to check the PSU. CPUs don't often fail.
  4. After I test the speaker to make sure THAT is working, I will take even more out.
    Then try the spare PSU.
    It's annoying when something dies after 18 months, and warranties are only 12...

    Cheers for the advice.
  5. Good luck!
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