EVGA gtx275 & gts250 SLI

Hey guys. I have a question that's probably kinda dumb, but I have 2 cards:


I don't really know what SLI is other than that you plug 2 cards together with the SLI bridge and can get better performance. But I don't know if the cards need to be the same. I've never seen anything about SLI in my system. Any thoughts?

Thanks a bunch.
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  1. the two cards need to be the same to SLI
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    You can't SLi the two cards you've got for starters so forget that idea, to SLi both cards must be the same GPU and for a couple of cards the amount of RAM must be the same but that only affects two cards that I can think of (GTS250 and 7800GTX) and you will also need to have a motherboard that supports SLi, there are tales floating around of hacks to make any board with two PCIe slots SLi capable but I've never seen any myself in the flesh as it were so I cannot confirm or deny such things exist.
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  4. Thanks a bunch for clearing that up for me guys. I was just trying to figure it out because I'd been having some weird problems playing SCii. The screen would flicker, or blink a little, and when it came back to the screen, units and buildings were black. In extreme cases, the screen would blink and actually black out the whole screen and the only way to make it go back would be to alt+tab out and back into the window. I know my card has plenty of juice to run the game, and I've never had the problem before. Obviously, I'm getting off topic, but do any of these symptoms sound familiar??
  5. There was mention of an overheating glitch in SC2 that could be sorted by editing an .ini file or something.
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