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so after finally deciding to take the plunge and build my own computer, these are the components i decided on. my biggest concerns were upgradeability, lifespan and, well i guess this should have been first, sweet gaming (starcraft 2, crysis, etc). just really looking to see if everything is compatible, cost efficient, etc.

MOTHERBOARD: asus p6x58d premium (wanted to spend a little more here to last me well into the future)
CPU: intel i5 960
RAM: 4 gb corsair (probably going to upgrade here sooner rather than later)
VIDEO CARD: evga geforce gtx 470
CASE: cooler master haf 932 atx
PSU: ulta 750 watt

figured the case's stock fans will get me by with cooling, but let me know if i need more. don't really plan on using more than one graphics card and not sure about the whole overclocking idea yet

didn't list the hard drive, optical drive, that part figured out

thanks for your help and try not to be too brutal ;)
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  1. MOTHERBOARD: good
    CPU: intel get the i7 950 instead
    RAM: 6 gb for socket 1366 group are better cheaper options
    VIDEO CARD: good
    CASE: cooler 922 almost as big but cheaper
    PSU: ulta get rid of it get something along the lines of xfx.seasonic,corsair,enermax,antec
  2. I'm pretty sure you meant i7 instead of i5 and being a i7 1366 build, you should stick with a 6gb or 12gb triple channel memory kit. Although not required, it is highly recommended.

    I don't know or am unsure what brand that PSU is but I would recommend you stick with dependable name brands that have proven their worth. A bad PSU can kill your whole system in a malfunction. Corsair, Antec, Seasonic and Zalman are a few good high quality brands. If you plan to add another GPU in later, go ahead and grab an 850W PSU although 950-1000W is ideal.

    An i5 760 build would give you the same gaming performance for $150+ less than the i7 build and would be more cost effective. Although intel is rolling off the 1156 socket Q1 2011, it will still be around and last for a good while. Take the 775 socket for example, they rolled it off long ago and its still around. Either way, they would both have about the same life span as tech gets old in a matter of weeks. 5 years from now, maybe the tower style custom PC will be obsolete and we will all use ultra portable supercomputers like a smart phone on steroids.
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