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USB restrictions! O.o HELP!!!!


I'm a little bothered here,

I want to COPY games in an Internet cafe and I don't want to buy expensive CD's. But my USB or memory card is not being recognized in "MY COMPUTER" and the owner doesn't want me to plug in any USB. zzzZZ!

He's using Handy cafe client.

Please a little help here:( me don't have Internet connection and want to play games for free:D
Any program would do:) I'll just download it in the cafe because there's no download restrictions.

Any help would be great:)
And thanks btw to the members of these forums, I really learned allot here... Keep it up guys:)
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  1. Sorry, we can't help you pirate (steal) software from an internet cafe.

    Tom's Forums do not support any form of piracy.
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    We are NOT allowed to help you break security. It is on those systems to prevent virus infections and protect people who use the systems.

    Sorry, you would have to ask the owner if they can put some games on the systems(assuming you want to play FREE as in without needing a computer).
  3. Oh well... Thanks anyway:)
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