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Hey everybody!
I'm thinking about upgrading my system to a Dell optiplex gx270 low profile with a intel integrated extreme graphics 2. What I'm wanting to know is if I would be able to fit my ati radeon 9600 in into the computer since I heard low profile pcs can't fit regular sized graphics cards in them. If it won't fit would I still be able to play my games (gtr 2,seta rally revo, need for speed carbon, colin mcrae rally 2005, and test drive unlimited) with the integrated card?
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  1. Well......integrated intel cards, not good in my opinion. Wouldn't count on being able to much gaming on integrated graphics, especially intel integrated.
  2. Personally I agree with you that integrated cards are crap which is why I was hoping a full size graphics card would fit in a low profile pc. If not then I will have to build a pc with the help of a friend.
  3. Well, they do make low profile cards, but honestly man, I think you would be better off building a pc. It's really not hard if you've done some upgrades before. Just have to be careful, take time, and keep a steady hand. And the other great thing is, you customize it so when you want to upgrade you know it will work.

    Dells, probably not as bad, but I know like with eMachines, I've worked on those, and generally the components in their builds don't seem to be that great. Just my opinion.
  4. Did you video card come with a low profile bracket?

    Does your video card require additional power? (ie: More than a PCIe v1.1 slot can pump out, which is about 65 watts in a Dell).
  5. The 9600 is an AGP card of around 2000/1 vintage IIRC.
  6. Finding a low-profile AGP GPU is not difficult, but it won't be up to today's GPU standards. It will, however, run circles around any integrated GPU solution on an older system like the GX270 (and will massively out perform the 9600 itself).

    The best Nvidia solution I found is this GeForce 6200:

    The best ATI based solution I can find is:

    I would recommend the HD4350 as it is the most current and capable that is going to fit your system. Good luck!!!
  7. My card didn't come with a low profile bracket so I guess I will just build a pc since I like my card. Then if it gets to old I can easily upgrade. Thanks for all the help! I needed it since I'm not an expert with pcs!
  8. Uhm, dude, DO NOT build a pc to take your 9600. Honestly, a low end card would blow the 9600 away. It was a great card for it's day, but now building a pc around that card is a waste. What is your budget, we can probably help you find a lot better setup that would blow your mind.
  9. Well right now I can't afford anything since it is hard for a 15 year old to get a job but in a couple of months maybe around 200 bucks. I will probably look on when I get enough money.
  10. Also, check out a Microcenter if you've got one. Sometimes you can get a deal like buy an AMD chip and get a free motherboard, which when you can grab say an Athlon dual core for 63 bucks, that's not bad.
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