Are Aerocool cases any good?

The looks of the cases do look promising to me but of course functionality comes before beauty => Good air cooling an reliability (no hardware incompatibilities) in this case.
What do people here think about Aerocool?

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  1. not up there with antec or nzxt or any of the other very good well known companies, but also not the worst of the worst. pretty midrange typically. which exact one are you looking at?
  2. I recently did a rig with their BX-500 and i was pleasantly surprised on their build quality and design thought... they had done one thing which i have never seen in any other case till date... add about ten 4pin fan connectors powered thru a normal PSU molex... and lots of places for fans... the only negative was no cable management at the back though it had cable ties...

    i wouldn't rate their products in the same level as the top players but they are definitely close... say something like a hyundai or kia compared to toyota or honda...
  3. I see.Thanks you.
    So,what about cooling,airflow and reliability? (No hardware incompatibilities,like long graphics cards or crooked motherboards) And sound? After adding fans to those optional slots?
    I'm probably going for BX-500 as well in case I buy.
  4. As i said lots of places for fans in the case so good cooling overall... My client already had the BX-500 so i just worked on it... It would fit long GPU's without a problem and can house decent cpu coolers... dont know about crooked mobos...

    But I never would have bought it given its price... for around $100 i would recommend TT Armor A60 or CM Storm Scout or Lian Li K62 or Antec 900...

    But its an overall good decent case and if you like it for whatever reason i would recommend it...
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